Fighting lions and bears… and blogging

You’ve probably heard of the story of David and Goliath where a young boy defeated a huge great giant of a guy. It gets mentioned in reference to sports fixtures and all sorts of other contests. The story is found in the Bible, and one interesting part of the story is that before David was knocking giants over he had done some fairly heroic things. He had rescued sheep from both lions and bears, and the confidence and experience he had gained, along with a significant dose of God’s help, was enough for him to have a crack at the massive angry guy.

In a nutshell, although the giant-slaying was amazing, David was as prepared as he could be.


I not looking for more things to commit to in my life. Like most people I am generally trying to find things to cut, to stop, and to pull out of. This is so that I can focus on the things I really want to be doing, need to do, or feel like I was created to do. Blogging doesn’t really fit any of these categories. So why am I starting this?

I have this idea in that back of my mind that one day I might write a book of some sort. This may not happen, I have no idea what I would write about. But if it does happen, I want to have done the best I can at this stage to prepare myself for it. I want to have written a whole load of rubbish, as well as hopefully some helpful stuff, and by doing so I hope to find a voice and a style that work for me. Then when I have something significant to say, I might have the confidence and experience, along with a significant dose of God’s help, to have a good crack at it.

Professor Anders Ericsson claimed that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to make you an expert. So here’s to the first hour!

Have a think about what you might want to do, might be called to do, or might even need to do in the future. What are you doing about that right now?

When the Goliath moment comes are you going to have done everything you could to be ready to take it on? What is the one step could you take today that would help you to be as well prepared as you could possibly be? What’s the lion or bear you need to have a go at?