The Star… a new classic Christmas movie?


This morning our little family took a trip to the cinema. I love Christmas movies but The Star was slightly different. There was no sign of Santa, Christmas trees, elves, or many of the other features we expect in Christmas movies, as it was based on the story of the birth of Jesus.

If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting much. Christian movies can sometimes fall fairly short of the quality we’re used to in secular movies. The Star also employed the usual creative licence with talking animals everywhere and King Herod’s henchman pursuing Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem with his two angry dogs (although Mary and Joseph never realise this due to the heroics of our donkey hero!). There are also more cameos than Blues Brothers 2000. But the characters are all a lot of fun, the soundtrack is great, and the heart of the story is brought to life brilliantly.


We’re reminded of some of the amazing parts of the Nativity:

  • That God took a huge risk in coming to Earth as a vulnerable child
  • He partners with fragile people to bring about His purposes on the Earth
  • He answers prayers (even donkey prayers?!) in amazing and unusual ways
  • Jesus is the saviour of both privileged kings and rough and ready shepherds
  • This child makes a difference to everyone!

I don’t know where you are at this Christmas or whether you fancy watching another Christmas movie. But, I wasn’t expecting The Star to be as fun as it is, to bring the story to life as well as it does, or to have tears rolling down my face as I was once again taken into the greatest story ever told. I think it’s worth a watch.

Happy Christmas!